TERREAL wishes to make a contribution durable in its environment for the wellbeing of all and everyday comfort with four commitments to "corporate responsibility of the company"

1. Offering innovative, durable and responsible offers

Thanks to its experience, TERREAL: 
•    Guarantees eco-design of its products
•    Assures the quality of its products to provide customer satisfaction
•    Provides information, training and support to all customers
•    Develops responsible supplier relationships

2. Building for tomorrow by protecting our environment

Each of the TERREAL sites measures and declares all of its impacts, in commitment to: 
•    Reduce its energy consumption, CO² emissions and its environmental impact
•    Implement a biodiversity preservation plan at local and regional levels 
•    Maintain and develop raw material resources
•    Reduce the quantities of waste generated
•    Limit the impact of transportation of our products

3. Developing the talents of men and women on a daily basis

•    Safety, the first priority for TERREAL, as much for its associates as for its customers, sub-contractors and visitors
•    Human respect and professional equality, development in the workplace
•    Sustainable development of skills and applications
•    Constant dialog with corporate partners 

4. Supporting communities and territories

TERREAL is involved on a daily basis in the development of the regions in which it has production facilities 
•    Continual dialog with local authorities in favour of economic and corporate vitality plus strong heritage and territorial values
•    Active participation in social and cultural life, through sponsorship, festivals and professional integration programs
•    Assistance and training for professionals in the construction sector providing support during changes within the sector

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